SMG Orthopaedic Group - Spine & Scoliosis Specialist

Orthopaedic Surgery


The centre provides comprehensive care for all spinal diseases. Patients are assured of the use of evidence-based medicine in a multi-disciplinary environment designed to deliver optimum results for all cases, from the simple to the most complex.

Whether you are young or old, working or retired, male or female, restoring your spinal health is an essential component to the maintenance of your overall well-being. You will be evaluated and managed in an out-patient setting in an all-inclusive environment. We have extensive collaboration with other health care professionals in spine health, including physiotherapists, radiologists and neurologists.

Our primary focus is on conservative and surgical management of various spinal disorders. Our niche is in the provision of minimally-invasive spine surgery and non-fusion surgery (e.g. disc replacement) in degenerative conditions of the spine. We also use established and innovative techniques for the treatment of spinal tumours, spinal deformities, spinal infections and spinal trauma.

Adj A/Professor Hee Hwan Tak, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon with 21 years of experience in managing orthopaedic and spine conditions. The centre offers consultation, medical treatment, conservative treatment (in conjunction with physiotherapists), injection services (e.g. nerve blocks, facet blocks) and surgery if the spinal condition requires. Adj A/Professor Hee is experienced and qualified to perform all types of spinal surgeries in the cervical spine (neck) and thoracolumbar spine (back), including minimally-invasive spinal surgeries. Adj A/Professor Hee also manages scoliosis in the young, adult and elderly via conservative measures (including the use of a brace and physiotherapy), injections, and surgery in selected patients.

Special Interests

Spine and scoliosis surgery

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