Dr. Chee Kok Chiang

General Surgery

Credentials MBBS (Melbourne) FRACS (Gen Surg) FAMS (Gen Surg)
Language English,Mandarin Chinese,Bahasa Melayu,Tamil,Bahasa Indonesia,Hokkien Dialect,Cantonese Dialect,Teochew Dialect

Dr Chee was the first surgeon to carry out laparoscopic (minimally invasive key hole) surgery of the gall bladder in Mount Elizabeth Hospital in 1990 and Youngberg Adventist Hospital in 1991.

  • Graduated with MBBS from university of Melbourne (MBBS (Melbourne))
  • Obtained Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 1967 (FRACS (Gen Surg))
  • Became member of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore in 1981 (FAMS (Gen Surg))
  • Certified as a specialist in General Surgery by the Ministry of Health in 1998
  • Registered by the Singapore Medical Council as Specialist in General Surgery in 1998