Dr. Lim Kuen Fui Ivan

Dentistry/ Orthodontics

Credentials BDS (Singapore) MDS Orthodontics (Singapore) D.Orth.RCS (Edinburgh) MDO RCPS (Glasgow) FAMS (Singapore) SDC Certified Specialist in Orthodontics
Language English,Mandarin Chinese

Dr Ivan Lim is a Senior Consultant in Orthodontics. He is also a clinical teacher for the MDS Orthodontics post graduate residency programme at the National University of Singapore. Dr Lim obtained his dental qualifications in 1987 and his Orthodontic qualifications in 1994. He was also the past president of the Association of Orthodontics ( Singapore )

Dr Lim vast experiences in Orthodontics includes:

1) Early Interceptive Orthodontics in Children. This involves early diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion at an early age so as to minimise or simplify orthodontic treatment when the child grows older.

2) Conventional Orthodontic Treatment for teenagers and adults. This may be in the form of metal braces or ceramic braces. In simpler cases Invisalign may be used .

3) Specialised Orthodontic Treatment ?Invisible Braces or Lingual Braces. These are braces that are bonded to the inner side of the teeth and thus they are not visible when you are smiling or talking.

4) Surgical Orthodontics. This involves braces treatment in collaboration with an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon so as to treat facial and jaw deformity.