Aesthetic Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

Specialist(s) Dr. Tan Tze Tsung, Derek
Dr. Elliott Wenjui Myra
Dr. Chan Siew Luen

Aesthetic Reconstructive Jaw Surgery provides surgical services covering a wide scope of the oral-facial region. This includes simple out-patient surgery like wisdom teeth and dental implant surgeries to corrective jaw surgery and resection of jaw tumours and reconstructive surgeries.

Facilities and Services

Aesthetic Reconstructive Jaw Surgery invests in the latest equipment and technologies to enhance patient care. We have the first and only Vatech Zenith Cone Beam CT Scanner in South East Asia which boast the largest field of view currently available. This allows us to obtain full skull resolution 3D X-Ray images at a fraction of the radiationof conventional CT Scanners. This enables us to diagnose and plan our facial bone surgery in 3D, which gives us better visualisation and hence better results.

We have the only harvest bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) Machine in South East Asia. This allows us to do minimally invasive harvesting of bone marrow aspirate and concentrating it for reconstruction of jaw bone defects.

We are also the first in Singapore to perform minimally invasive fixation of temporomandibular joint fractures using an endoscopic approach. This enables us to fix fractures of the jaw joints without having to make in incision on the face and thereby eliminating the problem of facial scars and possible paralysis of facial muscles that are associated with older techniques.

In the area of dental implants, we have Simplant, which is the state-of-the-art treatment planning software that enables us to accurately transfer our elaborate treatment plan on the computer to the patient. This results in better patient comfort and shorter treatment time.