Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a consultation cost?

Generally, consultation charges differ on a case-by-case basis, depending on the duration of a consultation and the required examination procedures. Clinics at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre are run by independent practitioners, and each clinic has its own schedule of fees. The fee schedules are displayed in the clinic as required by the Ministry of Health (Singapore). Please check with the respective clinics regarding these charges.

What are the opening hours of Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre?

Generally, the clinics at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre are open for consultation from
Weekdays: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Saturdays: 9.00am to 1.00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

As consultation hours may vary from clinic to clinic, please contact the respective clinics directly to arrange for the most suitable time for the medical specialist to see you. It is always advisable to make a prior appointment to see the doctor in order to avoid unnecessary waiting time. Doctors may also be away on conference leave, so an appointment is recommended.

Can I request to be admitted to a hospital of my choice if I need to be hospitalised?

As our medical specialists are independent practitioners, they are free to practise at other hospitals. Please check with your medical specialists to ensure that the respective hospital facilities are suitable and optimal for your needs.

What should I bring along for my first consultation visit?

Please bring along your 

  • identification documents such as identity cards or passports
  • relevant insurance policy and medical claim forms
  • medical records of your recent examinations, including any X-ray films and reports
I am not sure of which medical speciality I should consult. Where can I learn more?

To help you choose the specialist that may best attend to your medical concerns, you can:

  • discuss with your family doctor
  • learn the coverage of each specialty at our Specialty Areas page
  • enquire at our information desk situated at the lobby of Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre 
  • contact a Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre medical specialist directly
I need help with my visa application to enter Singapore or my visa extension to help extend my stay in Singapore. What should I do?

Some nationalities require a supporting letter to apply for the visa to enter Singapore. You can speak to your medical specialist to assist you. Your medical specialist can also help to extend your stay in Singapore on medical grounds by filling up an extension form. Please approach your doctor directly for assistance.

I feel more comfortable speaking to a medical specialist in my native language. Can an interpreter be arranged?

Some of our medical specialists are able to converse in multiple languages. Please check under their respective profiles in the Medical Specialist page. Clinic staff are usually able to arrange for translators if a request is made early prior to seeing the doctor. Please check with the respective clinics.

How can I check or enquire about my recent hospitalisation charges?

As all our clinics in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre operate independently, please refer to the clinic that assisted you during your stay in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre to enquire directly.

Subsequently, you may call our Business Office Hotline at +65 6731 2062.

Who can I see or contact to get a general checkup or health screening?
As all our clinics in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre operate independently, please refer to the Specialities link above. You may choose the specialists of your choice from the list to enquire directly. If you are looking for a general check-up, you may choose a specialist under these categories: cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, internal medicine, renal medicine, respiratory medicine, or rheumatology. You may also call our Business Office Hotline at +65 6731 2062.