Age-Link Specialist Clinic for Older Persons

Geriatric Medicine

Specialist(s) Dr. Sitoh Yih Yiow

Commenced in April 2005, Age-Link Specialist Clinic for Older Persons focuses on optimising the care of older persons.  This includes the management of specific syndromes and problems that are more commonly encountered in older persons (e.g. cognitive impairment, acute confusional states, mood disorders, mobility problems, polypharmacy) and the coordination and optimization of care for persons suffering from multiple chronic illnesses for which they are taking a multiplicity of medications.

The clinic is currently staffed by Dr Sitoh Yih Yiow, a consultant geriatrician who is actively involved in teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and who has also published in scientific journals in the different fields stated above.

Facilities and Services

Age-Link Specialist Clinic for Older Persons is currently staffed by a registered nurse and a clinic administrator, in addition to medical services provided by Dr Sitoh.

Services provided include the management of geriatric syndromes (impaired cognition, impaired mobility, incontinence, nutritional issues in older persons, frailty, polypharmacy, impaired swallowing) as well as management of acutely ill older persons and coordination of care of individuals with multiple and complex problems.  The clinic also provides comprehensive geriatric assessment, and where appropriate, facilitates delivery of home care, geriatric rehabilitation and caregiver training.