Astrid Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery

Specialist(s) Dr. Kua Ee Hsiang, Jonah

Astrid, meaning “divinely beautiful”, represents the goal for our patients. We believe that beauty is not only about having ideal features and proportions. An ethereal or divine beauty stems from within, an inner confidence which resonates into a sense of regal elegance and self-assuredness.
Embodied in our logo, peonies are known for their delicate and elegant appearance. They were used medicinally in the past, epitomising both healing and beauty. At Astrid Plastic Surgery, we are committed to use our extensive surgical experience in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery to help our patients heal beautifully.
Led by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Jonah Kua, our surgery services range from delicate eyelid enhancements to complex microsurgical procedures. We customize our treatment plan for every patient, combining innovative international techniques with safe and reliable local practices, and creating elegant and natural-looking results.