Centre for Hand And Reconstructive MicroSurgery (East) Pte Ltd

Specialist(s) Dr. Aaron Gan
Dr. Lim Beng Hai

Hand Surgery, as a unique specialty apart from Orthopaedic Surgery and Plastic Surgery, was first recognized by the Academy of Medicine Singapore in 1997. Singapore is one of few countries in the world that recognizes Hand Surgery as a unique specialty with its own specialist training programme for a very select group of resident doctors. Elements of General, Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery relevant to Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery are incorporated in a rigorous 6-year training period that culminates in an exit examination and Singapore Specialist Accreditation Board certification. Singapore Hand Surgeons are amongst the best and well-trained surgeons in the region, if not, the world.

The Centre for Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery (CHARMS) is the first Hand Surgery Centre in private practice. It was founded by Dr Lim Beng Hai and established on 30th April 2004. Over the years, CHARMS has grown from strength to strength, becoming a widely recognized centre of excellence dedicated to the practice of Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery. Our eminent surgeons, Dr Lim Beng Hai and Dr Aaron Gan, have more than 25 years of hand surgery experience combined. They both have special interest in the treatment of degenerative conditions, such as hand and wrist arthritis, trigger fingers and carpal tunnel syndrome; and sports injuries, such as hand and wrist ligament sprains and tears. This is in addition to the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as fractures and dislocations in the hand and wrist, including distal radius and forearm fractures which represent the bulk of the workload of emergency cases.

The extensive microsurgical experience of both Dr Lim and Dr Gan include replantations and microsurgical revascularisations of fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and even replantations in the lower extremities such as toes and feet. Free tissue transfers, such as microsurgical free flaps for reconstruction and resurfacing of upper and lower limb skin defects; free toe-to-hand transfers for reconstruction of digit loss or absence, are examples of the complex surgical procedures that are within their expertise. As experienced microsurgeons, they are also called upon to perform hepatic artery anastomoses for liver transplantations both in Singapore and abroad.

To ensure a holistic approach in the care for patients, CHARMS has developed a team of highly-trained clinical staff, including nurses, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist. At CHARMS, we believe that quality outcomes can only be derived from quality delivery of pre-, intra- and post-operative care. CHARMS attributes its successes to the selfless dedication of these staff who ensure that patients are well taken care of.

In essence, the work ethos of Dr Lim and Dr Gan are the continual improvement in standard of care, the consistent achievement of excellent results and the persistent pursuit of refined hand surgery.

Our Mission: To provide a caring, efficient, seamless and personalized Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery service with excellent clinical outcomes.

Our Vision: To be the Centre of Excellence in Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery in Singapore and the region through good clinical practice, delivered by a caring and efficient team, and backed by research and a continual quest for knowledge in Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Facilities and Services

CHARMS is equipped with custom-designed facilities to support our expertise in treating hand and wrist injuries and diseases. Patients are provided with the convenience of a one-stop centre, offering comprehensive and quality care for the upper limb in a central location. In-house hand occupational therapists and physical therapists provide pre- and post-surgical services such as custom splint moulding, providing structured therapy programmes for the upper limb, pain management with selected therapeutic modalities as well as strengthening and work-hardening programmes for industrial workers post-injury treatment.