Cheng Clinic For Women Pte Ltd

Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Women)

Specialist(s) Dr. Cheng Jew Ping
Facilities and Services


Antenatal checkup. Antenatal diagnosis of foetus. Oscar test, Triple blood test, chromosome study, amniocentesis.
3D/4d ultrasound of the foetus.
Hypertensive disease in pregnancy, diabetes and other medical conditions in pregnancy.
Normal vaginal delivery, assisted delivery: forceps delivery vacuum extraction, caesarean section, repeat caesarean section.

Screening for cervical cancer, PAP smear
Colposcopy, biopsy of cervix
Treatment of Cervical and womb cancer
Electrocautery, Cryosergery of the cervix
Vaccination for prevention of cervical cancer

Screening for venereal diseases, STD, HIV
Treatment of venereal diseases and warts

Treatment of sub fertility
Intrauterine insemination of husband sperm, Male infertility
Treatment of threatened abortion, missed abortion miscarriages
D & C treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding abnormal mensus, unplanned pregnancy.

Stress incontinence, vaginal prolapsed, pelvic floor repair
Anterior and posterior colphorraphy
Treatment of fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis
Total Hysterectomy

Treatment of menopause and sexual dysfunction