International Neuro Associates

Neurology (Brain & Nerves)

Specialist(s) Dr. Keith Goh Yu-Ching

The brain is such an important organ because it controls all our bodily functions and defines our personality, intelligence and memory. International Neuro Associates’ doctors, Dr Keith Goh and Dr Charles Siow, are specialists in neurosurgery and neurology.

They often work together as a team to provide the most up-to-date medical treatment for a wide range of neurological conditions affecting the brain, spine and nerves. From acute, emergency situations to chronic, long-term care, complex surgeries, innovative drug infusion therapies, stem cell treatment studies and gamma-knife radiosurgery, as well as neuro-rehabilitation, are within the scope of expertise.

Our patients, whose ages range from infants to children, adults and the elderly, are assured of a caring and considerate approach which ensures the safety and well-being of the patient, and 24-hour access to INA specialists and their associated medical colleagues at all times.

Common conditions of the nervous system include:

  1. Head and spinal injuries
  2. Brain and Spinal Cord tumours – Neuro-oncology
  3. Paediatirc neurological conditions including hydrocephalus, pediatric brain tumours, spinal cord lipomas, spasticity and congenital malformations
  4. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, including Stroke risk assessments
  5. Spine conditions (nerve compression and disc conditions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine), neck and back pain
  6. Headaches, migraines and neuropathic pain
  7. Epilepsy and neuro-functional disorders such as movement disorders, facial paralysis, hemifacial spasm and excessive sweating
Special Interests
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Neuro-oncology
Facilities and Services
  1. advanced radiologic tests such as CT and MRI scans (at adjacent Radiology Departments)
  2. specialized neurological investigations such as EEG and EMG
  3. neurological treatments, such as spinal tap and nerve blocks, botox injections and intravenous infusions
  4. neurosurgical treatments, including most neurosurgical operations, post-operative care and rehabilitation therapy
  5. novel treatments, including immunotherapy for brain tumours and stem cell transplants for certain neurological conditions.