Lee Kim En Neurology Pte Ltd

Neurology (Brain & Nerves)

Specialist(s) Dr. Lee Kim En

Dr Lee Kim En has set up his own practice at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

The brain is an unbelievably complex structure. Just one stroke and all may be lost. A mere headache may mean the end of a promising career. Some numbness may spell trouble with the nerves at the back

His practice represents an exploration, a questioning and an introspection. It is marked by a new sharpness and vivacity, characterized by a patient tact and a gentle personality, and will carry a special mixture of warmth, elegance and kindness.

Facilities and Services

Evaluation of suspected strokes, headaches, giddiness, numbness and memory problems

Risk evaluation and comprehensive assessment for stroke patients

Independent assessment and opinion for patients with coma, brain infection and stroke