Loh Keh Chuan Diabetes Thyroid & Hormone Clinic

Endocrinology (Hormone Disorder)

Specialist(s) Dr. Loh Keh Chuan

The clinic provides a comprehensive and one-stop service for patients with conditions related to general endocrinology & metabolism. Please refer to the Section under \”Facilities and Services\” for details.

Facilities and Services

The Clinic provides expertise in the management of the following conditions & disorders:

  1. Diabetes & Metabolic disorders, including on-site HbA1c and urine microalbumin testing;
  2. Thyroid disorders, including Ultrasound-guided Biopsy of thyroid nodule & Ethanol Sclerotherapy of thyroid cyst;
  3. Lipids and Cholesterol disorders;
  4. Obesity and Metabolic disorders;
  5. Pituitary disorders;
  6. Adrenal disorders, including Endocrine Hypertension;
  7. Calcium and Parathyroid disorders, including Metabolic Bone disease;
  8. Prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis;
  9. Menopause and HRT issues;
  10. Growth and Pubertal disorders, including Growth Hormone treatment for clinically appropriate indications;
  11. Hormone-related Fertility disorders in men & women, including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Hypogonadism, and Erectle Dysfunction.