Low Cardiology Clinic

Specialist(s) Dr. Low Lip Ping

Low Cardiology Clinic was founded by Dr Low Lip Ping in 1980. It has been located in Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore from its inauguration and was among the earliest medical practices in the medical centre.

Dr Low was previously Associate Professor of Medicine in the University of Singapore and a senior consultant in internal medicine and in cardiovascular medicine at the Singapore General Hospital before he left for private practice to start Low Cardiology Clinic.

Dr Low is the sole practitioner in the clinic but collaborates with many colleagues in cardiology, cardiac surgery and other disciplines

He is ably supported by a staff of 6 comprising:

      Clinic Manager  –  Mrs Doris Low

      Nurses  –            –  Ms Linda Goh
                                   Ms Yek Geok Hua
                                   Ms Nerina Chong

      Clinic Assistant  –   Ms Justina Tan

      Secretary          –    Ms Irene See

All staff have had appropriate training and have served for 20 to 30 years Despite their long experience all have remained youthful and exuberant, and are models of a healthy lifestyle whose principles they have consistently recommended to their patients

The clinic has consistently subscribed to the philosophy of a holistic approach to the assessment of its patients’ health problems, believing that these problems are not organ specific but usually involve many systems which have also to be adequately assessed Likewise these problems involve not only the patient but also family members and are best solved by involving family members and the patient‘s care givers

This holistic approach has been appreciated by many patients and has contributed to the large following which the clinic has attracted over the years. Its patients come not only from Singapore but from many countries in the region and from expatriates located in Singapore and in the region

The clinic is sited in a convenient location on the 11th floor of Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, directly facing the main lift lobby of the medical centre. It has ample space comprising two adjacent suites

The clinic is fully equipped with ECG, treadmill exercise machine, echocardiography two 24 to 72 hour Holter ECG, ambulatory BP device with central aortic systolic BP measurement, finger prick measurement of coagulation (INR) and blood glucose and  digital arterial oxygen saturation (SPO2)

Facilities and Services
Our Services:
  • Cardiovascular Health Screening
  • Diagnostic procedures including:
    • ECG
    • Echocardiogram
    • Treadmill exercise test
    • Ambulatory ECG
    • Ambulatory BP monitoring
    • Cardiac catheterisation and angiography
  • Counselling in preventive medicine and cardiovascular disease
  • Cardiovascular medical therapy
  • Cardiovascular interventional therapy
  • Pacemaker implantation and follow up