Medical and Oncology Clinic

Medical Oncology (Cancer)


The clinic specialises in personalised care of patients with medical, cancer and various liver problems.
The clinic was opened in October 1986 and has treated patients with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Liver cancers and Cirrhosis with good results.

Dr Oon was formerly a consultant and advisor to the World Health Organisation for Viral Hepatitis, Liver Cancer and Cancer Prevention and was a pioneer in Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

He was an associate professor in  Medicine, university Department of Medicine, Singapore General Hospital.

Special Interests
  • Treatment of Liver Diseases
  • Treatment of Viral Hepatitis
  • Treatment of Liver Cancer
  • Internal Medicine (Complex Problems)
  • Preventive Cancer Management
  • Screening for Cancer
  • General Internal Medicine
Facilities and Services

Trained staff nurses and Dr Oon provide a personalised care for patients.
Blood tests and other investigations include ultrasound Screening of the Liver, Electrocardiogram, Urinary and Blood Sugar Test are available.

The Clinic works with laboratories which have a high degree of quality assurances and the staff practice a high standard of ethics and uses of medical products.