One Future Kidney Care

Renal Medicine (Kidneys)

Specialist(s) Dr. Wong Weng Kin

One Future Kidney Care strives to provide holistic, personalised, and end-to-end quality treatments with a focus on healthy kidneys for everyone. Led by Dr Wong Weng Kin, a renal physician at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, we provide a wide spectrum of kidney-related treatments.

One Future Kidney Care is a NEHR-enabled kidney specialist clinic. The National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) is a secure system that collects summary patient health records across different healthcare providers.

With “One Patient, One Health Record”, we deliver safe, efficient, and seamless medical care for you. For more information, please refer to

Facilities and Services

One Future Kidney Care offers a comprehensive, personalized, and all-encompassing approach to treating the entire spectrum of kidney diseases.

Our clinic provides consultations that cover a wide range of kidney-related conditions, including diabetic kidney disease, hypertensive kidney disease, glomerular diseases, hereditary kidney diseases, autoimmune disorders affecting the kidneys, acute and chronic kidney failure, as well as the management of dialysis associated complications and dialysis access.

Furthermore, our clinic offers kidney health screening, as well as kidney
disease detection and prevention services. We also provide ultrasound examinations for vascular access and kidneys to our patients.

Conveniently located within the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre building, our clinic benefits from access to a comprehensive range of laboratory and imaging services, such as ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI scans.

Additionally, an outpatient pharmacy is available within the medical centre for the convenience of our patients.