Susan Quek Heart Care Clinic

Internal Medicine

Specialist(s) Dr. Quek Susan

Susan Quek Heart Care Clinic was started on 6 February 1995 by Senior Cardiologist, Dr Susan Quek. The clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment of all cardiac conditions as well as that of cardiovascular risk factors in hypertension, hyperlipideamia and diabetes.

Dr Quek’s main area of interest is in Doppler-echocardiography for the non-invasive structural and functional evaluation of all aspects of cardiac disease, including valvular, congenital defects and coronary artery disease.

Special Interests
  • Echocardiography
Facilities and Services

1. 12 Lead Electrocardiology (ECG)
2. Cardiac Ultrasound comprising
– Conventional (transthoracic) Doppler-echocardiography
– Stress exercise and pharmacological (dobutamine) echocardiography
– Transesophageal and echocardiography
3. ECG Treadmill Testing
4. 24 Hour Holter ECG Monitoring
5. 24 Hour Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
6. Detailed laboratory testing
7. Coronary angiography
8 . Radiological interpretation of chest X-rays and CT calcium score and coronary angiography.
9. Follow-up management of cardiac pacemakers.