The Specialist Breast Clinic @ Orchard

Specialist(s) Dr. Jendana Chanyaputhipong

Welcome to The Specialist Breast Clinic @ Orchard, where breast health meets professional and personal care. Our approach is centered around you and your unique needs.

We provide comprehensive screenings (mammogram, ultrasound, MRI breasts) and personalized plans for breast health.  We also provide breast biopsies when necessary, in order to further evaluate an abnormality with accuracy in order to help detect serious breast conditions as early as possible.

We then work with you to develop a personalized plan for maintaining your breast health, which may include regular screenings, lifestyle changes, or other recommendations.  If you are diagnosed with cancer, we are committed to providing compassionate support throughout every step of your entire journey.

Our clinic and doctor is medisave-accredited.

Our clinic accepts all medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plans and International Insurance.

Furthermore, we are on the Specialist Panel for AIA, Great Eastern, Prudential, Singlife Shield, and HSBC life shield.

For patients using International Insurance (BUPA, AETNA, Henner, CIGNA International, MSH International, etc) or are NTUC Income policy holders, we can assist you with your claims by providing necessary information to your insurer.

If you have and would like to use your employment health benefits, please check with your company’s Human Resource department on your entitled Specialist Claim Coverage. Our clinic partners with MHC, IHP, DA Adept, and Alliance corporate insurance providers.

Facilities and Services
  1.  Consultation

Both women and men with breast concerns are welcomed. We also provide personalized advice for breast screening according to a person’s age & risk, and make the necessary booking for relevant scans and tests.


During consultation, Dr Jendana will evaluate your concerns with clinical examination and perform a bedside breast ultrasound.  From there, she will recommend further necessary imaging studies and tests if needed, follow-up frequencies, and educate you on your diagnosis.


  1. Breast Ultrasound.


Our clinic is equipped with an ultrasound machine.  This allows for immediate evaluation of various breast concerns & helps the doctor to choose the best next appropriate breast imaging studies and tests.


  1. Interpretation of abnormal results on breast imaging or lab tests.


  1. Breast Biopsy (done with ultrasound-guidance).


Our clinic is able to perform immediate minimally-invasive, ultrasound-guided breast biopsies when necessary under local anesthetics:  fine needle aspiration, core biopsy and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy.


  1. Surgery for benign and malignant breast diseases, using latest surgical techniques.