Credentials MBBS, MRCP (UK), FAMS (S’ pore), FRCP (Edin)
Language English, Hindi

Dr. Akash Verma was a Senior Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. He is a lung specialist with a Sub-specialty interest in Interventional Pulmonology & lung cancer with blockages in the windpipes. He is trained in both flexible and rigid bronchoscopy with techniques of laser resection of lung cancer, silicone airway stenting, pleuroscopy and navigation bronchoscopy.

After graduation, he trained at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, before obtaining his membership of Royal College of Physicians (United Kingdom). Upon completion of advanced training in Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care, He was conferred a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS). Subsequently he was awarded the Health Manpower Development Program (HMDP) fellowship and was a visiting fellow in the department of Interventional Pulmonology at Samsung Medical Centre-Seoul, Mayo Clinic-USA, and University of Chicago.

Associated Treatments

Management of malignant central airway obstruction (blocked windpipes from cancer) by balloon dilatation, laser resection, silicone stenting or metal stenting.

Management of benign central airway obstruction (blocked windpipes from tb) by balloon dilatation, laser resection, silicone stenting or metal stenting.

Management of blood clots in airways

Management of masses in the mediastinum by EBUS-TBNA

Management of enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinum

Management of lung masses and lung nodules (white spots)

Management of pleural effusion with pleuroscopy, pleurodesis and tunnelled pleural catheter

Removal of foreign body in the airways

Management of bronchopleural fistula using endobronchial valve placement

Management of broncho-oesophageal fistula

Endobronchial valve placement for emphysema or persistent air-leak from pneumothorax



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Dr Akash pioneered the establishment of the service of “navigation bronchoscopy” in Singapore in 2018 as a part of improving the quality of the journey of the lung cancer patients in the healthcare system. In addition, he undertook initiatives such as formation of dedicated lung cancer clinic and increased utilization of ultrasound guided and rigid bronchoscopy techniques with the emphasis on provision of safe & timely diagnosis with comfort.


Member- Society of Advanced Bronchoscopy – USA

Awards and Honours

Excellent service award (Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore) Oct 2005

HMDP award (Ministry of Health, Singapore) Oct 2010

Best service Award (Changi General Hospital, Singapore) Sep 2012

Best Service Award (Changi General Hospital, Singapore) Mar 2013


Emerging Technologies for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Diagnosing and Treating Lung Cancer with Blocked Windpipe