Dr. Ang Peng Tiam

Medical Oncology (Cancer)

Credentials MBBS (Singapore) MMed (Internal Medicine) MRCP (United Kingdom) FAMS (Medical Oncology) FACP (USA) FRCP (Edinburgh) FRCP (London)
Language English,Mandarin Chinese,Hokkien Dialect,Cantonese Dialect,Teochew Dialect

Dr Ang Peng Tiam graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery in 1982. He did his residency in Internal Medicine and was conferred the Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine) in 1986. He completed his Fellowship in Medical Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, Texas and Stanford University Medical Centre in 1989.

Dr Ang was awarded Singapore President’s scholarship in 1977. He was awarded the Prof Sir Gordon Arthur Ransome Gold medal for being the top candidate in the Master of Medicine Clinical Examinations in 1986, and Singapore’s National Science Award in 1996 for his outstanding contributions in Medical Research. In recognition of his public service, the Sultan of Kedah conferred upon him a datukship in 2003. Dr Ang was founding Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at Singapore General Hospital from 1991 to 1997. He held the concurrent post of Director of the Oncology Centre and Clinical Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, NUS. He remains a Visiting Consultant at National Cancer Centre. He is the Vice Chairman of Singapore Cancer Society, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee of Breast Cancer Foundation.

He was past President of Singapore Society of Oncology. He maintains a keen interest in research and has published and presented more than 100 papers and abstracts.


President’s Scholarship – 1977

Prof Sir Gordon Arthur Ransome Gold Medal – 1986

Health Manpower Development Plan Fellow – 1989

National Science Award – 1996