Credentials MBBS(Sydney) M.Med(Surg) MRCSED, MRCSGlasgow FAMS(Urology)
Language English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Dialect, Hokkien Dialect

Dr Lim obtained his Bachelor of Computing from the National University of Singapore in 2005. He
completed his graduate medical degree from the University of Sydney in 2009. After housemanship
in Sydney, Australia, he returned to Singapore to serve in the local medical system. He completed
his Urology Surgical Training in 2017 and did his fellowship in robotic surgery and reconstruction
surgery at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney, Australia, under Prof David Gillatt in 2021.
A keen innovator at heart, he was awarded the Singapore-MIT innovation fellowship in 2017 and is
actively involved in the medical device innovation scene. Dr Lim was the first medical doctor
appointed Principal Medical Investigator by Artificial Intelligence Singapore (AISG) for his
pioneering grant in Natural Language Processing.
Dr Lim’s research interest is ureteral stents, and he has been invited to speak on the topic at the
World Congress of Endourology. His clinical interest is in the field of Robotic Surgery, Endourology
and minimally invasive surgery.

Special Treatments

Supine PCNL


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● Summer Research Scholarships, “Identifying viruses important in the onset of multiple
sclerosis using computer simulations”, University of Sydney.
● Travelling Fellowship award, University of Sydney.
● 2nd Prize, Best Poster. Urofair 2015, Singapore: “Does Size Really Matter? A
retrospective analysis of donor renal volume and its effect on renal function posttransplant.”
● 1st Prize Best Poster. Taiwan Urological Association, Taiwan: “A prospective
randomised single-blinded comparison of Ureteral Stent with distal loop design and its
effect on early stent discomfort and QoL.”
● 1st Prize Best Poster: Urofair 2017, Singapore: “Optimal duration required and effects
of ureteric pre-stenting have on ureteral dilatation in an animal model.” Urofair 2017,
● Best Submitted Abstract (Surgery ACP) “Optimal duration required and effects of
ureteric pre-stenting have on ureteral dilatation in an animal model.” –SinghealthDuke-NUS Surgical Anaesthesia Congress 2017, Singapore
● SMART Innovation Fellowship Award,” NAIL IT – Discovering the Market and Your
Technology Opportunity”, Singapore
● Best Abstract Award: “Novel Panel of Urinary Biomarker for Urothelial Cancer” -16th
Urological Association of Asia Congress 2018, Kyoto, Japan

● SingHealth RiSE Award – Urology Outstanding Faculty