Dr. T. Ravintharan

General Surgery

Credentials MBBS (Singapore), M Med (Gen Surg) (Singapore), FRCSEd (Gen Surg)
Language English, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien Dialect

Dr. Ravi is a Senior Consultant General Surgeon in private practice in Singapore, with around 40 years of experience in Surgery.

Dr. Ravi was born in Singapore and was educated in Raffles Institution. He was awarded a PSC Merit Scholarship to do his MBBS at NUS with and graduated in 1982.

The President awarded the Public Service Medal in 1986 for his rescue work in the Hotel New World collapse. In 1987 he completed his M. Med (Surgery) NUS & FRCS (Edin).

In 1991, he went for his HMDP on a Singapore Government scholarship and trained under the world- renowned Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri in Ninewells Hospital, Scotland in the newly developing specialty (at the time) of Laparoscopic Surgery. He worked with some of the finest surgical specialists, to develop surgical techniques and train in the new and fast developing field of advanced laparoscopic surgery.

He was one of the first Asian surgeons to receive such training at that time and returned to Singapore in 1992. Upon his return, he was one of the initiators for major Laparoscopic procedures in Singapore as follows:

*  Emergency Laparoscopic Surgery for Appendicitis, Adhesions and Severe Abdominal Pain and Trauma

*  Elective Laparoscopic Surgery (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy & bile duct exploration, Laparoscopic Repair of Inguinal, & Abdominal Hernia & others)

*  Complex Laparoscopic Surgery for conditions like Adrenalectomy, Fundoplication, Colectomy, Gastrectomy, Splenectomy, and Pancreatectomy

*  Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery of the Oesophagus, Stomach, Colon & Rectum

*  Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery for Obesity

Since 1992, as part of his expertise in Laparoscopic procedures, he trained surgeons in the field of advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Singapore and Asean region, China and India. Dr Ravi was also involved in training of surgeons at the various public and private hospitals. He lectured and demonstrated the laparoscopic procedures to extend the knowledge, experience in laparoscopic surgery and how it benefited the patients.

In 1997, Dr Ravi left public healthcare and he started his private practice at Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre, Orchard. He continues his practice at the Medical Centre and is accredited at most private hospitals.

At Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre and Hospital, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Medical Board. He also served as member of various hospital committees. During his tenure as the Chairman of the Operation Theatre Committee and MCST of Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre, he oversaw the upgrading and renovation of the operating theatre complex, the external cladding and internal renovations of the Hospital and Medical Centre which has been completed, giving the hospital an updated look and presence.

He was involved in the College of Surgeons and the Academy and served as the Vice President overseeing education.

He continues to perform Laparoscopic surgery in adults, children, pregnant & elderly patients. He is a specialist Laparoscopic Surgeon for various conditions like gallstones, inguinal & abdominal hernias, appendicitis, adhesions, bowel obstruction, morbid obesity for weight reduction. He provides surgical options for patients with serious associated diseases like heart disease, needing urgent abdominal surgery in selected patients. Dr Ravi is a specialist in advanced Laparoscopic surgery for tumours of the Stomach, Adrenals, Spleen, Pancreas, Colon & Rectum.

He provides assistance and advice to fellow specialists like Urologists, Gynaecologists and General surgeons in complex laparoscopic surgery. He continues to provide expert specialist reports and medico-legal opinions when requested.


In 1986, he was awarded the Public Service Medal (PBM) by the President for service rendered in the Hotel New World collapse.

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