Paediatric Cardiology

What is paediatric cardiology?

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Paediatric cardiology is the practice of medicine that focuses on prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiac diseases from conception throughout life. Paediatricians at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre are experienced with treating congenital or acquired heart disease in children and infants, including treatment prior to birth.

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre’s paediatricians have received specific education and training to evaluate and manage the unique needs of paediatric cardiology patients of all ages.

What conditions are treated under paediatric cardiology?

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Most children are born with a normal, healthy heart. In some cases, though, children are born with defects, abnormalities, or heart disease.

Many times, these defects are recognised prior to birth, which provides the paediatrician an opportunity to begin treatment upon identification.

Paediatric cardiology treats a wide range of conditions including:
● Congenital heart defects
● Heart valve abnormalities including aortic valvar stenosis, atrial septal defect, atrioventricular septal defect (AV Canal Defect), Pulmonary Valvular Stenosis, and Ebstein’s Anomaly
● Other paediatric heart conditions including coarctation of the aorta, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and interrupted aortic arch
● Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)
● Transposition of the great arteries (TGA)
● Heartbeat irregularities
● Congenital anomalies associated with heart defects

When should your child see a paediatrician for paediatric cardiology treatment?

A paediatrician will see a child for diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and ongoing visits upon a referral from an obstetrician or general practice specialist or upon your request.

Generally, a paediatrician is also seen when there is:

● The possibility that an infant or child may have a congenital heart defect that is found during pregnancy through an evaluation or during an ultrasound examination
● Uncertainty about the infant or child’s heart function
● Detection or concern of an irregular heartbeat
● Presence of other congenital anomalies, which are associated with heart defects
● Family history of congenital heart defects

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Did you know?

Breakthroughs have been achieved in cardiovascular diagnostics and cardiothoracic surgery over the past century, leading to an increased survival of newborns with congenital heart disease¹.

How do I help my child maintain or improve his or her health after paediatric cardiology treatment?

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Children who have received paediatric cardiology treatment may have a range of needs. In some cases, children will require additional surgeries as they grow up, especially for infants born with heart defects.

If the child has been treated for heartbeat irregularities, they may require heartbeat monitoring that includes periodic assessment of implanted pacemakers or defibrillators.

Nearly all children will receive regular follow-up appointments after their initial treatment. The paediatricians of Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre will develop a personalized follow-up program that includes an appointment schedule, treatment plan, medication awareness, diet, and exercise.

What facilities and technologies do our specialists use for paediatric cardiology care?

Prenatal care

Our paediatricians are experienced with using technologies such as echocardiography to analyse the heart during the second or third trimester during pregnancy. If an abnormality is suspected or identified, your child’s specialist will develop a treatment plan that may include additional testing.

After the baby is born

If your child requires any form of cardiac surgery, your specialist and multi-disciplinary team, including nurses and staff who have the necessary training, will utilize advanced surgical facilities available in Singapore to Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre patients.

Lifetime follow-up

Personalised counselling on subsequent care founded on many years of clinical experience in managing children with cardiac malformations through to adulthood is available for patients and family members.

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