Dennis Lim Surgery

General Surgery

Specialist(s) Dr. Dennis Lim Teck Hock
Dr. Georgette Chan Shao-Wah

Management of Breast Disease (benign and cancer)

Facilities and Services
Head and Neck
  • Evaluation of Head and Neck masses
  • Surgical Management of malignant and benign thyroid diseases
  • Surgical treatment of Hyperparathyroidism, including renal tertiary hyperparathyroidism
  • Management of Head and Neck Cancers
  • Treatment of Salivary Gland Disease
Surgical Oncology
  • Full evaluation of advanced stage Malignant Melanoma including sentinel lymph node biopsy, nodal basin dissection
  • Resection of retroperitoneal sarcomas
  • Open biopsy of deep seated lesions
  • Implantation of infusional devices e.g. Port-A-Cath
  • Surgical palliation in selected patients
  • General Surgery
  • Surgery for Gallstone and gastrointestinal disease
  • Repair of hernias, inguinal and incisional type
  • Management of haemorrhoids, medical and surgical options
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopies