FeM Surgery

General Surgery

Specialist(s) Dr. Hu Shulin Jesse
Dr. Ng Zhi Xu
Dr. Wong Chiong Ling Yvonne
Dr. Felicia Tan Li Sher
Dr. Tan Yu Meng
Dr. Koh Kiok Miang Roy

FeM Surgery is a surgical group practice whose doctors aim to provide the best quality surgical care to our local and international patients. Come with a worry or question but leave with a treatment plan and solution that gives each of our patients a peace of mind. We share a common philosophy that will allow our patients to thrive with us. Every patient will get a personalised subsubspecialty opinion and care for common and complicated diseases where our surgeons will be your partner, your guide and multidisciplinary team leader. The team adopts the latest in surgical techniques and medical knowledge and work closely with each other and also the other specialist in Parkway Hospitals in order that all our patients will get the best opinion and surgical care.

Our focus is on 4 main areas and we operate the following subsidiary specialty centres:

The Breast Centre @ FeM
The Gallstone & HPB Centre @ FeM
The Cancer Surgery and Peritonectomy Centre @ FeM
The Cancer Screening & Endoscopy Centre @ FeM

In addition, we continue to provide expertise in the whole range of surgical conditions for both men and women

Special Interests
  • Breast Surgery
  • Gallstone, Liver and Pancreas Surgery ( Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplantation)
  • Cancer Surgery and Peritonectomy/HIPEC (Surgical Oncology)
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • GI Endoscopy (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy)
  • Digestive Surgery
  • Hernia Surgery
Facilities and Services

Screening and Surgical Assessment
Consultation and Second Opinions for ALL General Surgical conditions or patients requiring surgery
Pre-operative assesment of fitness for surgery
Counselling and Preparation for surgery
Cancer Screening for Men and Women
Assessment for abnormal tumour markers (eg. CEA, CA19-9, AFP) detected at screening

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy
Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy for Men & Women

Surgical Treatment for Common Surgical Conditions performed in Hospital/ Surgery Centres
Assessment and Removal of lumps & bumps for cancer risks or cosmesis
Incision and drainage of abscesses and carbuncles
Hernia repairs (including video laparoscopic)
Piles, anal fistulas and fissures for Rectal bleeding and Pain for men and women
Intestinal obstruction
Bleeding Gastrointestinal Tract and Anemia
Assessment for Abdominal Pain or Bloatedness

Breast Centre @ FeM
A multidisciplinary team to provide expertise in benign, malignant and cosmetic breast problems
Excision of breast lumps
Drainage of abscesses
Minimally invasive breast biopsies/ removal under general anaesthesia
ROLL / hookwire localization and excisions
Breast cancer surgeries
Breast reconstruction – oncoplastic techniques, implants, tissue flaps
Breast Augmentation
Nipple reconstruction
Accessory breast removal
Gynaecomastia surgery in males

Gallstone & HPB Centre @ FeM
A subspeciality centre focused on management of gallstones and hepatobiliary – pancreatic diseases
Evaluation of gallstones and bile duct stones
Gallbladder surgery for stones, polyps and cancers
Assesment of abnormal liver function test
Fatty liver and cirrhosis
Liver abscesses
Liver resection surgery for cancer and benign conditions
Management of Liver metastases and secondaries
Assessment for Liver Failure
Liver transplantation – assessment and surgery
Pre and post transplantation management
Pancreatic surgery for cancer (including Whipples’) and benign conditions
Management of acute and chronic pancreatitis
Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Liver and Pancreas

Cancer Surgery & Peritonectomy @ FeM
A multidisciplinary team with a special interest in cancer assessment and management of advanced and recurrent cancer
Second opinions for cancer diagnosis and treatment
Peritonectomy and HIPEC for peritoneal disease in pseudomyxoma and abdominal cancers (including Colorectal, Stomach, Ovarian, mesotheliomas and Primary Peritoneal Cancers)
Surgery for Sarcomas (including Retroperitoneal sarcomas and GISTs)
Surgery for Melanomas and Skin Cancers with plastic reconstruction
Surgical Lymph node Dissections and use of Sentinel Lymph Node ( for axillary, groin and retroperitoneal and limb involvement)
Neuroendocrine Tumours

Procedures in Clinic
Laboratory blood tests, urine tests, screening panels
Wound dressings
Removal of lumps and bumps
Removal of sutures
Toilet and suturing of wounds
Needle aspirations
Diagnostic biopsy procedures
Ultrasound imaging
Breast biopsies
Minimally invasive vacuum assisted removal of breast lumps