Dr. Nair V. Parameswaran


Credentials MBBS (Lucknow, India), MRCP (Internal Medicine, UK), MRCP (Int Med, Ireland), MRCGP (Family Med, UK), FAMS (Cardiology, Singapore), FRCP (Int Med, Edinburgh), FRCP (Int Med, Ireland), FRCGP (Family Med, UK), FRCP (Int Med, London), FESC(France), FCCP (USA), FACC (USA), FSCAI (USA)
Language English, Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien Dialect, Hindi, Malayalam

Dr. V.P. Nair is a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore. He graduated with MBBS (Lucknow), MRCP (UK), and MRCP (Ireland) and worked in the Cardiology Departments in England and Singapore. He obtained further post graduate qualifications FRCP (Ireland), FRCGP (UK), FRCP (Edinburgh), FAMS (Cardiology, Singapore) FRCP (London), FESC (Europe) , FCCP (USA),  and FSCAI (USA).

His balloon angioplasty and stenting training were at the Regional Cardio-Thoracic Centre, New Castle Upon Tyne England, San Francisco Heart Institute USA, Cleveland Clinic USA and Broussais University Hospital, Paris, France. He has published many scientific papers and has addressed many regional and International Cardiology conventions including the World Congress of Cardiology. He is actively involved in many Social, Cultural, Educational, Sports and Voluntary activities.He gives regular lectures to doctors including general practitioners, specialists as well as nurses and paramedics in Singapore and many Asian countries. He has given many talks and demonstrations on the new concept of cardio cerebral resuscitation (CCR), laughter aerobics, PTCA & Stenting as well as cardio biomarkers to the medical community and the public in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and many other countries. He is a visiting consultant to the National Heart Centre.


Some Important Milestones:

  • Chairman, Code Blue and Critical Care Committee of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore (1996 to 1998)
  • Treasurer, the Singapore Medical Association (1991/92)
  • Charter President, the Rotary Club of Orchard, Singapore (1990/91)
  • President, the Singapore Malayalee Association (1970/71) and Trustee to date.
  • President, Singapore Hindu Centre (2001 – 2007) and Trustee to date.
  • President, the Global Organization of People Of Indian Origin (GOPIO) (2001 – 2012) and Advisor.
  • Plenary session speaker, World Congress of Cardiology (16th November 1990)
  • Guest Speaker, 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Heart Association (26th March 2011)
  • Patron, Cairnhill Community Club
  • Patron, Citizens Consultative Committee Henderson
  • Member, Transplant Ethics committee under HOTA (Human Organ Transplant Act)


Other Achievements:

  • PBM – Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (Singapore) – Public Service Medal (2009)
  • Hind Rattan award (2001)
  • Outstanding Malayalee Award (1994)
  • Pravasi Excellent Award for Healthcare (2017)