Sports Medicine

What is sports medicine?

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At Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, our sports medicine specialists received specialized education and training focusing on the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports participation and physical activity.

Our specialists at Mount Elizabeth help all patients, not just athletes. We treat amateur athletes, those who want better results from their exercise programs, those who have suffered injuries and are trying to regain full function, as well as those with disabilities who are trying to increase mobility and capability.

What conditions are treated under sports medicine?

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Typically, sports medicine is able to treat the injuries or degenerative changes to the
● Hip
● Knees
● Shoulder
● and feet and ankle.

Some sports medicine procedures done to address such conditions include
● Hip arthroscopy.
● Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) of the knee reconstruction.
● Arthroscopic surgical repair of rotator cuff in the shoulder.

Our team of orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan, to help you recover safely and perform at your desired level of function.

When should you see an orthopaedic surgeon for sports medicine treatment?

Anyone who exercises regularly has their usual aches and pains. However, if you are not recovering within your usual time period from whatever injury or soreness you typically get, or are referred by a general practitioner, you should consider seeing a sports medicine specialist.

Other symptoms of concern include:
● Pain that gets progressively worse
● Pain at rest or at night
● Joint swelling or bruises that do not heal
● or knees, elbows, or other joints that lock or seem unstable.

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Did you know?

With every step you take, your knees bear two to three times your weight as your body moves¹.

How do I maintain or improve my orthopaedic health after sports medicine treatment?

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You need to protect your body during athletic activities and treat sports-related injuries if they do not improve within your usual rest period.

Being mindful of the following will help maintain your active lifestyle:
· Administer or seek prompt treatment for strains, sprains, and fractures
· Actively manage your arthritis and other “wear and tear” orthopedic conditions associated with ageing
· When advised by your doctors, take your vitamins and supplements
· Participate actively in your prescribed rehabilitation programme after a sports-related injury
· Take preventive care and education classes when advised to understand any health concerns you may have of the activity’s impact on your body

What facilities and technologies do our specialists use for sports medicine care?

At Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, we are able to provide innovation, expertise, and dedicated support to our patients. Our specialists are experienced in treatments that can either control or improve your condition.

Our specialists are able to provide minimally invasive procedures to repair or replace knees, shoulders, and hips where applicable and beneficial to the patient’s care. We are familiar with cutting-edge innovations, such as the robotic partial knee replacement (MAKOplasty®) arm assisted technology that is minimally invasive and highly precise to help you in the healing process.

Where possible, we advocate minimally invasive procedures to enable you to get back your feet quickly. We will support you with your pain management and recovery process after your procedure to avoid complications, allowing you to go home as independently as possible.

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[1] D’Lima DD, Fregly BJ, Patil S, Steklov N, Colwell CW, Jr. Knee joint forces: prediction, measurement, and significance. Proc Inst Mech Eng H. 2012;226(2):95-102. doi:10.1177/0954411911433372.