Palliative Medicine

What is palliative medicine?

Palliative medicine aims to maximise the quality of life of terminally ill patients and their families. It also aims to control or slow the progression of the life-threatening or terminal condition. Focusing on pain management, symptom treatment, and therapy, palliative medicine physicians help patients enjoy a better quality of life with the appropriate care.

Palliative medicine physicians are experienced in working with an interdisciplinary team of doctors and nurses to accompany the patient and family members throughout the course of the disease, including end-of-life care.

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When do you need to consult a palliative medicine physician?

A palliative medicine physician is a specialist who helps a patient with pain and symptom management, nutritional support, rehabilitation, and social and psychological support. You or your loved ones may be advised to consult a palliative medicine physician following the diagnosis of a serious, life-limiting, chronic, or terminal disease. This may be the case when the symptoms of an illness need to be managed by a professional who provides complete care and the relief of suffering is required. Such situations may include:

  • Advanced cancer
  • Advanced stages of neurological diseases
  • Advanced kidney, lung, heart, and liver failure

A key element in the relationships that exist between a palliative medicine physician, the multidisciplinary team, the seriously ill patient, and their family is open communication. Through constant contact, psychological, and social support, our specialists and staff can provide relief and comfort to the patient and their family members.

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Why you should consider our palliative medicine physicians

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre’s experienced palliative medicine physicians who play an important role in improving the quality of our patient’s lives through continuous positive care and support. As their illnesses progress, our specialists continue to ensure pain relief and management and compassionate care.

With extensive local and international palliative care training, our skilled specialists are dedicated to supporting seriously ill patients. Their holistic approach aims to relieve suffering, to slow disease progression and provide some comfort to their loved ones.

Major Areas of Specialisation

Our palliative medicine physicians are available to assist in the care and management of the following conditions. With their intervention in the management of symptoms, social and psychological issues, and pain relief, the focus is on maximising quality of life.

This takes pressure off the family members who are also suffering indirectly the effects of a serious medical condition. Palliative medicine physicians can provide support to the patient and family on a regular basis.

  • Advanced cancer care
  • Advanced stages of neurological diseases
  • Cancer with pain or other symptoms
  • Care continuity with hospices
  • End stage organ failure
  • Inpatient palliative care services
  • Outpatient palliative care services
  • Pain management
  • Psychosocial support

Did you know?

In Singapore, Advance Care Planning (ACP) is an optional process of discussing future healthcare preferences of a patient with their family and their healthcare professionals. It supports doctors, patients and families in respecting the patient’s wishes when care choices need to be made.